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‘Alan Wake 2’ confirms fan-favourite ‘Control’ character’s reappearance in new trailer

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Remedy Entertainment has revealed new footage of the anticipated Alan Wake 2, and it featured a fan-favourite character from its 2019 title Control.

The latest deep dive into the supernatural survival showed off combat, puzzles, and profiling of suspicious characters with one of its playable protagonists, Saga Anderson. Check it out below:

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What has fans in a spin is the reappearance of Ahti who is singing ‘The Finnish Tango’ at the start of the footage. Ahti was introduced as the janitor of the Oldest House in Control and became very popular with players thanks to his unsettling yet good-hearted nature.

Martti Suosalo, who played the character, won the BAFTA Games Award for Performer In A Supporting Role, which was just one of Control‘s 11 nominations for that year’s awards ceremony.

This reiterates the connections between the two games, narratively and stylistically. When profiling the Koskela brothers, visuals and voiceover layer over each other in a similar way to Control‘s exposition on Jesse’s mental state.

Elsewhere in the footage, the use of the flashlight cutting through the constrictive fog that encases Bright Falls is extremely reminiscent of the original Alan Wake.

Alan Wake 2 will come to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on October 27 after Epic Games Publishing and Remedy Entertainment chose to delay its launch date.

“October is an amazing month for game launches and we hope this date shift gives more space for everyone to enjoy their favourite games,” explained the developer and publisher.


THQ Nordic said the same thing regarding the rescheduling of Alone In The Dark from October 2023 to January 2024.

In other gaming news, Megan Fox is playing Nitara in Mortal Kombat 1, marking 13 years since the character last appeared in Armageddon.

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