An alarming number of females are being sexually harassed at festivals

For me, my pre-festival game thought process commences approximately 30 seconds after I purchase the ticket.

It usually includes what the frick am I wearing, how the frick am I getting the money to survive it and who the frick is organizing the accom. I don’t know about you but it never includes what the frick do I do if I’m sexually assaulted and neither should yours.

Unfortunately recent studies from Durham University have statistically shown what women are most worried about when attending live music festivals: 30% of that is about sexual harassment and 10% is about sexual assault other percentages include theft and physical violence. However the big question is, why are we merely just studying this when we could be finding the solutions to ending these stats?

Words I’ll never forget that were projected into the crowd of Splendour 2017 are from The XX’s, Oliver Sim:
I love festivals because they are a real opportunity to let go of anything that’s causing you pain, leave it at home and let yourself go.. enjoy yourself.’

And that couldn’t be more right. As something we’re all gathered together for in the light of a plethora of special human beings who have the ability to give us full body chills and fill our hearts with their incessant talent and creativity, we shouldn’t have to be focusing our attention the on the moments crushed by sexual harassment or assault.

Everyone’s in the same place for the same reason so we should look after one another and call them out if they’re doing wrong. Check out the stats here, and let us know how it makes you feel! (It should be angry)


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