1788-L unveils chilling new 'Cyberspace' track!

1788-L is one mystery producer has managed to climb up our listening radar for the past few months. After first coming on the scene with their stunning take on Virtual Self‘s Particle Arts, 1788-L quickly gained momentum in the electronic scene and followed up with subsequent remixes such as “Sound Where’d U Go” with Illenium and Said The Sky, as well as their rendition  Skrillex and Poo Bear’s “Would You Ever.” 

Now, 1788-L is back at it again with a brand new track called ‘Cyberspace.’ The song opens with a chilling synth rendition that reels listeners in, preparing them for the five-minute journey into a world dark, futuristic sound that highlights this producer’s fascinating mixing style.

Take a listen to ‘Cyberspace’ below:


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