There are ‘Snapchat’ pills in circulation and they’re no laughing matter

Police in the UK have issued a warning against a batch potentially harmful ‘Snapchat’ shaped pills, after two young women were hospitalised in West Yorkshire over the weekend. The small rectangular pills are said to bear the logo the infamous social media app, Snapchat.

Alarmingly, those hospitalised where schoolchildren aged 12 and 13, who are now in a stable condition. A 13-year old boy has been arrested on drug-related fences as a result.

West Yorkshire Police have released the following statement:

This news adds to a growing list incidents involving pills around the world, including recent reports a dodgy batch  as well as lethal dose  round ones.

Make sure you stay safe out there guys and if you can, test your pills…or better yet, don’t take them at all.



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