The Chainsmokers Help Teen Suffering From Cystic Fibrosis Achieve Her Dream

Cystic Fibrosis is truly a horrible disease. Due to the nature the illness, many who suffer from the disease only live to their mid 30’s at the latest. A teenaged girl from Southern Nevada who suffers from the disease got some help achieving her dreams from The Chainsmokers this weekend.

The Chainsmokers Team Up With Make A Wish

Sarah Hodges, always dreamed working in the electronic dance music industry. Specifically engineering sound and producing tracks. Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation Southern Nevada, Sarah has gotten a major start to her dream.

The Chainsmokers showed up to surprise Sarah with a fully stocked MacBook Pro, complete with a production stware and a library music to pull inspiration from to get started. Sarah said it was a truly overwhelming experience and she cannot wait to get started on her career moving forward.

In a world where all news seems to have a negative slant, we love to hear about artists stepping up to help individuals follow their dreams. Big shout out to Alex and Drew for helping Sarah reach her dreams.

Source: KTNV

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