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Ekali Combines Space with Wilderness in New Single 'Helios'

Ekali x SLUMBERJACK – Helios Fresh off of Ekali‘s debut EP comes ‘Helios,’ a SLUMBERJACK collaboration that takes you through a multilayered cosmic experience chockfull of earth-shattering bass. ‘Helios’ starts off by guiding you through uncharted jungle-like territory, completely surrounded by the natural elements—this is Ekali’s signature take. The song soon starts to gather momentum and […]

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Rell The Soundbender And Rawtek Dish Out "Baja"

The latest from Insomniac Records teams up Rell The Soundbender and lionsound pioneers, Rawtek, for “Baja”. The resulting combination leaves us with a groovey jungle based house track, with a heavy emphasis on the organic percussive elements that only gets better which each listen. Insomniac Records continues to grow with every track building a stellar […]

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