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Doctor P & Shapes – Cold Individual

Doctor P & Shapes – Cold Individual Doctor P and producers Shapes released a collaboration labeled ‘Cold Individual’. This new release begins slowly, but quickly morphs into a high BPM house tone. Additionally, the dance house influence is courtesy of the UK-based bass music producers Shapes. After the buildup comes to a crescendo, Doctor P’s unique […]

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KHAI – For You

After a year long break, the producer and instrumentalist Khai is back with an impressive sound and a brand new single. “For You” was one those songs that comes on and you’re at first intrigued but don’t notice too much, for whatever reason. Then it sits in your head for a while and you find […]

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Ever wondered what a selfie sounds like?

Ok, you probably haven’t wondered what a selfie sounds like, but someone actually has and has figured it out using ~science~ and you can see it unfold live. Taking place on Sunday, April 22, Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University as part MLIVE, the “sound selfie” will be unveiled to a live audience by contemporary music exponent Gabriella Smart. […]

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