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Lena Willikens and Sarah Szczesny share trailer for audiovisual drama, Phantom Kino Ballett: Watch

Lena Willikens and Sarah Szczesny have announced a limited release of their improvised audiovisual drama score, Phantom Kino Ballett. Set for release on September 19th via RVNG Intl, the audiovisual drama’s soundtrack is the latest installment of the interdisciplinary Commend See series. It follows previous releases from Melanie Velarde, 7FO and RAMZi. Willikens and Szczesny’s […]

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Samuel Smiley – Lay Down My Life

Newcomer to EDM-Sauce, Samuel Smiley from Nashville by way Florida, presents his sophomore dance pop single ‘Lay Down My Life.’ In the heat the Summer, ‘Lay Down My Life’ carries balearic house undertones in the production, with vocals à la Weekend. Currently in the cusp the action in Nashville, Samuel is launching his life as […]

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East London faces Sydney style lock outs

Members of Hackney Council have just introduced a new law that makes it virtually impossible for clubs to gain and keep licences. Special Policy Areas (SPAs) have been introduced to various places around southern England, despite the majority of residents being against these policies. SPAs have almost singled out nightclubs specifically, making them harder to […]

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