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Gorillaz co-founder casually leaves copy of unreleased album in a taxi

Damon Albarn, the brains trust behind English virtual pop band the Gorillaz has had a close call with some unreleased material. Having released their highly anticipated 2017 album, ‘Humanz’, the group’s head honcho, Albarn, revealed intentions to drop some new music in 2018. However, panic stations were called the other day when Albarn accidentally left his laptop, […]

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Claptone announces nationwide Masquerade Ball Tour

While we all know the name Claptone and can appreciate the music released under the moniker, his identity still remains a mystery to many people. The disguised and perplexing artist has shaped the face electronic dance music for years now, with all signs pointing to a continued mystic control over the field. Having worked with industry […]

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After A Full Year Of Continuous Traveling Gorillaz End World Tour In Brazil

Gorillaz released their 4th full-length last year at the end April and ever since have been continuously touring the world promoting it. ‘Humanz’ received mixed reviews critically as it contained almost entirely features and showcased a sound which did not match that fan expectations. Despite early troubles ‘Humanz’ soon topped the charts. Damon and his […]

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