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Wolfgang Gartner Reclaims His Throne As King Of Electro With Help From JayKode – 'The Upside Down'

It is no secret that I view Wolfgang Gartner as one the most influential and important producers to ever hit the world dance music. His productions were so ahead their time that almost 10 years later their intricacy is still rarely matched. Tracks like ‘Firepower’, ‘Illmerica’ and ‘Undertaker’ have stood the test time as true […]

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Lektrique – Mercy feat. The Arcturians

The mastermind host behind Kannibalen Radio is back with another single on the esteemed bass label. The collaboration with the mystifying Arcturians is called “Mercy” and was released today on Kannibalen Records. If you’re a Lektrique fan you know his retro-inspired sound, something he implements here to a high degree. He bounces back and forth […]

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cozmoe – Brand New Day

The up and coming producer, cozmoe just dropped an outstanding single titled, “Brand New Day.” To me it sounds like a faster-paced progressive style with the punch electro house, all polished f with a chill futuristic feel. Throughout the whole song an equally lush and fat bass line runs frantically underneath everything else. It does it’s job, serving as the root progression […]

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