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REPORT: Cocaine Hospitalizations Are Up 90% In Past 4 Years

Drugs are never 100% risk-free, but a truly startling reveal shows that cocaine hospitalizations are up 90% in the UK. Following a Freedom Information request, reports increasing numbers cocaine users needing medical treatment. Although the percentage people using the drug has remained relatively steady in recent years (fluctuating between 1.9 and 2.4 percent in people 16 – […]

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Datsik Accused of Multiple Instances of Sexual Abuse, Deletes Incriminating Tweets

Early this morning, numerous accusations sexual misconduct between Datsik and fans began circulating when  began sharing screenshots a conversation in a Facebook thread. The conversation contained allegations various types sexual misconduct, ranging from encouraging women to take drugs in his tour bus to forcing himself on other women. Once the original tweet began to pick […]

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