Tag: downtempo

Gia Koka – Trippin

We’re still vibing out to Gia Koka. Back in February she dropped some heat with “ASAP’ Feat. Danny Smith. Her latest track “Trippin” is out again on Universal Music and it’s another stunner. More downtempo and left leaning, Gia has our ears hooked You can hit play on “Trippin” below.

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Your EDM Premiere: Bronze Whale – Warm

Imagine hibernating for the winter – the last thing you see is cold gusts wind and sleet slamming against your windows. Suddenly, a st ray sunshine glances over your eyes and you slowly awaken to see bright blue skies, birds chirping, and kids playing in the local park. That’s the kind feeling that Bronze Whale […]

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Escape with Soul Catalyst

Soul Catalyst @ McCarthy Memorial Church. 📷 @connerleephotography Discovering Soul Catalyst is like discovering a hidden snack at your marketplace and it becoming one your favorite treats all time. In the last couple years, Soul Catalyst has consistently been awarding fans with one great tune after another, continuously finding ways to present his layback, worldly […]

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