NSW Police Dogs are going on strike after relentless campaign against them

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The NSW Police Dog Union has announced they will be going on strike following a relentless campaign against them from the general public and the media.

This breaking news follows a string negative campaigns against the use Police Dogs – particularly the dogs in the narcotics department – that has become all too much for the once strong union to bare.

Union leader for NSW Police Dogs, Buddy has spoken directly with B-Side’s law enforcement editor, detailing the high level stress that has spread like a poison throughout the union as a result anti-Police Dog organisations such as Sniff-Off.

“I don’t understand” he said. “I’m a good boy. We’re all good boys and good girls. Why do all the humans hate us so much?”.

“My colleagues in the narcotics department are finding it near impossible to stay motivated with their work. We have had 3 dogs take a mental health leave this week alone, and we simply can’t afford to be down on numbers leading into the on Saturday night. The media slander has to stop! If they don’t like what we do, why don’t they try sniffing a blokes nuts.”

He went on to explain that the sheer confusion between the praise their police humans and the overwhelming hate from general public and Australian media humans has created something an existential crisis amidst even the most veteran Police Dogs in the union.

There has been no set date for the strike as yet, however the Director Media Relations for NSW Police Dogs, Roxy says she will be in touch.

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