Legendary House Artist Accuses Kanye West and Lil Pump Of Stealing His Music

Sampling is a time-honored tradition in many genres music – particularly the practice is associated with EDM and hip hop. Considering both genres utilize sampling it is always surprising when an artist pulls a little more than inspiration from a track without crediting the originator.

We have seen these several times. Most notably Will.i.am stole Mat Zo and Arty’s ‘Rebound’. Now, Kanye West and Lil Pump are getting called out by a bonafide house legend. David Morales took to his social media today to take credit for what is rightfully his. Despite being released 25 years apart, the bass lines are identical for both his classic hit crafted from Alexander Lewis’ “What Is This Thing Called Love” and West’s new single, “I Love It”.

Take a listen to the tracks below and let us know if you can hear any difference. Since the audio is a bit low in Morales’ post we have included a YouTube embed his song that will autoplay right when the bass line comes in.

Alexander O'Neal – What Is This Thing Called Love? (Dee Instrumental Mix)

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