kordz, Lontalius – Accept & Connect

Majestic Casual records is easily one my favorite record labels out. Their innovative, unique sounding hybrid releases are always so spot on. Their latest fering, “Accept & Connect” by kordz and Lontalius sounds exactly how a mellow rainy day feels: relaxing but will still hit you right in the feels. Check out a quote on the creation process this single by kordz and under that stream his new collab with Lontalius entitled “Accept & Connect”!

“This track started out as a simple melody that I discovered during improvising on the piano. I found it fascinating because the harmony seemed to come directly out the melody; they weren’t two separate things. The sounds breaking tree branches and crackling leaves are ripping through a chorale that’s echoing from a church, far away. The chorale sounds like its coming from far away, while the sounds the nature seem to happen almost inside your ears. It created a very strange atmosphere” – kordz

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