Fear not! Popular meme page ‘Ketflix & Pills’ is back after being hacked

Over the course the past weekend, hackers took to social media to hijack the beloved rave-centric meme page Ketflix & Pills. After initially being hacked on Saturday March the 3rd, the page was deleted, with a series backup accounts being made on Instagram and Twitter. Whilst the hacker is still unknown, they spent the following hours running amuck, posting pornographic material and selling shoutouts for cash.

Thankfully, the famed meme group have reclaimed their account. Speaking on the sitch, Ketflix & Pills shared a post writing “We’re back in business people! After 72 hours madness we’ve finally got our beloved account back… Stay tuned for K&P content and remember, no one will take down our community that easy! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 VIVA LA SESH X”

Check out the post below, and long live K&S!

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