Author: EvelynSutherland

SOPHIE is dropping her debut album next week!

SOPHIE has shared the release date her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES which is due out on the 15th June. That’s next week! Off the back exciting, genre-bending singles like ,  and Faceshopping, the hype for this album is massive, and massive is what we can only assume the album will be. Put bluntly, there […]

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Keep Sydney Open is now an official political party

Keep Sydney Open, the group pushing to reclaim the once thriving night-time culture in our city, have announced today that they are ficially enrolled as a political party. After a lengthy, 6-month wait, the confirmation from the NSW Electoral Commission has come through, and moving forward, KSO will be a legitimate party that will contest seats […]

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