Arc North, Rival, Laura Brehm Combine Forces for End Of Time

Arc North, Rival and Laura Brehm have collectively pooled their talents together to create End Of Time. The delightful song is labelled atmospheric trap. I find End Of Time to be a more a future bass track but you know what they say… labels are for soup cans. Genres all seem to overlap these days and when you look at enough a sample eventually you come to terms with the fact that there are only 3 types songs no matter what genre; Bad, Good and Great. Fortunately for us, End Of Time is the later, great, variety.

End Of Time begins with a light piano melody set behind Laura’s seraphic voice, which sets the perfect tone. Notes rain down from the keys as the synths build up energy. The drop hits with future house style synths draped over some deep rich trap bass and wood knocks. At the break, the track returns to the simple perfection Laura’s vocals balanced out with violins and the piano melody from the intro. End Of Time closes out strong with synths that add a touch darkness to this well-crafted track.

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