Day: February 12, 2018

ATTLAS – You (Close)

Attlas – You (Close) Did you ever think there would be a Deadmau5 protege? Well, Toronto-based boy-wonder Jeff Hartford, also known as ATTLAS, is it. He first came to prominence in November 2014 with a heavily creative remix ‘Aural Psynapse’ by Deadmau5. The masses had speculated this was a side mau5 project considering how notoriously […]

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SAYMYNAME Drops G-House Trap Track 'Bounce'

LA-based producer SAYMYNAME, who just released a with Slander, dropped a new g-house track with an old school vibe. Full his trap sounds, ‘Bounce’ lives up to its name with a catchy beat that’s sure to get your feet moving. ‘Bounce’ fits well with SAYMYNAME’s outlook on music: Fans the producer love the track, commenting […]

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Watch Skrillex and the OWSLA Crew Tour Japan

Whatever you did to ring in 2018, it was probably not as epic as OWSLA‘s Japan takeover. hosted some pretty epic afterparties while Skrillex, Point Point, and Cray took the stage for two nights, in both Tokyo and Kyoto. They filmed a wild video to capture the shows’ essence. Honestly, all the tour videos we’ve seen (which is a lot), this […]

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