Month: February 2018

Virtual Self Drops Mind-Bending New Music Video For "Ghost Voices"

As promised, Virtual Self has just dropped the ficial music video to one the songs f his Virtual Self EP, “Ghost Voices.” Following along with the Virtual Self aesthetic, the video features plenty technology, most it looking quite outdated by today’s standards. Plenty glitch effects and warped digital elements are super-imposed on the video, as well. Virtual […]

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Electric Forest Continues to Inspire with "Green Ideas"

Electric Forest has been a festival that has set itself apart in recent years with its “clean festival” implementations. Having volunteers signing up and helping with the project has scored them some fascinating results. In 2018, they look to continue down the road clean up and keeping the Forest neat. The “Green Monarch Program” fers […]

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The Glitch Mob's Remix of Illenium Is Coming Soon

Even with the news The Glitch Mob’s new album, the trio isn’t stopping just with that. The Glitch Mob and Illenium are apparently up to something and they will ficially be releasing the new single this Friday. While there’s not much information about this release, Your EDM believes that the track will be a remix […]

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