Day: January 25, 2018

Corey James & David Pietras – Arlanda (Preview)

Corey James & David Pietras – Arlanda Rising UK talent Corey James and Swedish prodigy David Pietras have joined forces to produce ‘Arlanda’ – an evolutionary track that showcases two dance music’s most brilliant acts in the scene. With both artists making huge strides in their careers over the past 12 months, ‘Arlanda’ gives us a […]

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Fyre Festival Attendees Fear They're Targets of Another Scam

You remember ? Honestly, how can anyone forget? It was the festival for rich kids who dished out over $12,000 for a luxury weekend in the Bahamas, but instead, found themselves treated to mass disorganization, half-built tents, and limp cheese sandwiches. It hasn’t even been a year since this disastrous island experience, but those signed up to the festival’s […]

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Chipotle Just Roasted Marshmello Online For Not Revealing His True Identity

While it’s pretty common knowledge these days that Marshmello is Dotcom aka Chris Comstock, Chipotle won the internet today by completely calling out Marshmello on Twitter. Earlier today (January 25th), Marshmello tweeted out “Dreaming the day when guac is no longer extra at Chipotle.” The ficial Chipotle Twitter account quickly responded by saying “dreaming the […]

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