Day: January 20, 2018

Parade of Lights release “Tidal Waves”

Traditionally, Parade of Lights’ music begs to be played in the car — loudly, with the windows down, preferably on a highway with the wind in your hair, and on repeat. Their latest track is no different.  The Los Angeles quartet of Ryan Daly (lead vocals/guitar), Anthony Improgo (drums), Randy Schulte (bass/backing vocals), and Michelle […]

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Super8 & Tab Announce New Album & Release Monster Tune "True Love" To Celebrate

When Finnish trance icons Super8 & Tab made the move to Armada Music, the shock transition turned out some their most electrifying tracks to date – ‘Cosmo’, ‘Falling Into You’ and the immense Beatport #1 juggernaut ‘Mega’. It was a move that ultimately led to the release their third studio album ‘Reformation’, with Part 1 available to […]

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After 14 Years, Envotion Unleash Debut Album "We Are", A Synth Wave Masterpiece

Since their inception in 2004, Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts, and Stijn Halfens aka Envotion, have spent every spare minute honing their craft, reshaping and perfecting every tiny sound bit to have them conform to their sky-high standards. Now, fourteen amazing years later, their ‘80s-flavored take on Progressive House is widely regarded as one the most alluring signatures […]

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