Day: January 7, 2018

BREAKING: DJ Arrested Boarding Holy Ship! For Possession Of Controlled Substances

DJ Gina Turner has been arrested boarding Holy Ship! this evening on one count possession cocaine and two counts possession other undisclosed controlled substances without a prescription, according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Turner was scheduled to play on Holy Ship! this weekend along with over three dozen other DJs. She’s long been a […]

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Bassnectar Promises New Music On The Way As His Side Project Comes To Fruition [Details]

Bassnectar has been straight up spoiling his fans with new music — and he just confirmed even more on the way! Summer 2017 brought Nectar’s first  and he followed up with its counterpart  in December. The latter included a special Bassnectar remix for his side project Naux Faux with long-time collaborator Sayr. Now, they are unleashing an entire Naux […]

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SoundCloud Quietly Shrinks Bitrates by 50%

Without making a peep, online streaming platform SoundCloud swapped out 128kbps for 64kbps and changed its codec from MP3 to Opus. Even though Opus insists that their product is superior to passé MP3 codec, when paired with 64kbps bitrates, you’re looking at the “world’s largest music and audio platform” having a subpar product. SoundCloud keeps digging themselves further and further […]

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