Month: December 2017

FOURTHOUGHT # 30 | Festive Fetus

Tonight the Fourthought round table is joined by a special guest co-host, The Diva. Our panel investigates pregnancy in the 21st century and unearths many interesting facts from our non-millennial millennial guest. Psychic links with the unborn, politically correct gender X’ing, and … why keep it? Oh Jesus, what were they thinking!? We think this […]

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Orchestra Performs Stunning Live Cover Of "Tiny Cities" by Flume and Beck 

We love electronic music (obviously), but there’s something about a live orchestra cover that gets us like nothing else! In this case, Chamber Orchestra at Westridge School Pasadena, CA beautifully takes on “Tiny Cities” by Flume and Beck for an amazing result. As seen in the video below, the song translates well into an intricate string heavy arrangement, […]

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1001Tracklists Releases 100-Song Playlist of 2017's Most-Played Songs

Now this is a playlist we can get behind! 1001Tracklists has released its  with 100 tracks and 5 1/2 hours nonstop bangers! The list boasts an insane amount talent including Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Camelphat, Valentino Khan, Sikdope, JOYRYDE, Eptic, and Diplo and all the songs we couldn’t go anywhere without hearing throughout the year. When it comes to DJ friendly […]

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